Seabhac na hEirne

Seabhac na hEirne

Seabhac na hEirne or The Hawk of Ballyshannon is a lovely and enchanting tune from the Celtic Treasure: The Legacy of Turlough O’Carolan

This is an ancient Irish harp piece, Seabhac na hEirne. The tune was composed by Rory Dall O’Cathain around 1600.

Seabhac is pronounced Shouk [sjouk]
However in Welsh [Cymraeg] this bird is known by a different name: Hebog


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sugar plum fairies

Christmas, a long time ago;

one of my first Christmas memories is “The Nutcracker” of Tchaikovsky being played.  We lived in the West Indies,  there was a Christmastree, imported from the USA, and no snow of course, we sat around it at 30C.
My mother had this record as a present, playing it again and again (and again and again), she later took us to see the film and still later I have seen it in the theatre, performed as a ballet, many times.

This is among the most popular of Tchaikovsky’s music. The story is set at Christmas time, and is full of lots of small gems one of which is this piece “The Sugar Plum Fairy”, as featured in the Disney film “Fantasia”.


webcam picture
webcam picture

Installed the webcam on the laptop on friday evening and it took a series of very dark and serious pictures of me.

I did a couple of hours of administrative work in the antiquarian bookshop de blauwe aarde and twittered some music from as I worked:

  • Lovely! this music was also played in the commercial of Chanel’s perfume “Egoiste” ♫ #

End of the afternoon I updated content on two websites while I enjoyed this artist: