Earthlights and other Phenomena

Lightphenonema and orbs

Balls of light, plasma balls, light streaks or light disks

Round orbs, with or without a structure.  Angular, sometimes irregular Elongated orbs, these are often moving orbs Clusters
Most orbs are balls that contain some energy.

  • Ball lightning looks like light balls but is probably a very different phenomenon. This phenomenon is a proven natural phenomenon about which, however, not much is known at this time.
  • “Elves”: this is a form of light energy in the lower ionosphere at about 100 km altitude. It is a short term (less than 1 millisecond) flash which can be 500 km wide Elves are created by an electromagnetic pulse and were only discovered in 1992.
  • Besides the “Elves” there are more recently discovered forms of light energy associated with thunderstorms. (Sprites, blue jets, blue starters) These physical phenomena are still studied and many theories have been put foreward. Sensitive people can observe these energies, so called tropospheric phenomena.
  • “Earth lights” terrain related lights, large sized, changing lights, with electromagnetic aspects.  i.e. Large Orbs
  • Orbs. There are many people who perceive orbs, I’m one of them. Many more people have ever discovered an orb in a photo.

What do I think of orbs?

  1. A form of energy,  electrical, magnetic,  etc
  2. An Aura, seen from remote and certainly in the twilight an aura may look like an “orb”
  3. A form of energy with a “consciousness”
  4. A vehicle that a form of consciousness can use to move around in
  5. Most orbs in photos fall i.m.o. under one of the the categories below and are caused
    1. by snow
    2. by water droplets
    3. by rain or dust
    4. material through the lens of the camera *
    5. by material in the lens of the camera *
    6. by material in the body of the camera *
    7. by a certain incidence of light on the lens e.g. lensflare. Lens flare is created when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor.
    8. by sunlight that falls through very small holes
    9. in old photos also by developing: diaphragms, halos and / or stains from the fixing liquid.
    10. hot pixels

* In these cases you will often see a lot of orbs in a series of photos

What do other people think about orbs?

There are 4 widespread “beliefs” about orbs

  • Energy from the cosmos descending to earth, or energy from the earth going up into the cosmos.
  • A burst of energy, like those that occur in a crisis .
  • Thoughts changed into a visible form.
  • A soul that uses an orb or has become an orb itself in order to travel.

My Comments:

  • o_maart2005Orbs are also observed during the creation of crop circles.
  • Entities and out of body spirits are often formed in a definite shape or a figure, and usually not as an orb.
  • Nature Spirits have their own shape and usually do not look like an orb.
  • More about the Orbs in photos: hot pixels: pictures taken with digital cameras may show the so-called “hot pixel effect”.You can recognize this as a bright red, green or blue pixels in your photo.

A) A shutter time time of 1-2 seconds or more shows more spots, especially visible in shots taken in the dark.

This happens because the CCD is stimulated by something, such as light, heat, magnetism, so this phenomenon is called a “hot pixel.”
B) The surface of the CCD inside a digital camera consists of thousands of pixels.

Each is sensitive to light and together they make the final picture.

Sometimes one or more of these pixels are broken.  This has a “hot pixel” effect. Visible as a white or colored dot on an image and typically slightly larger than one pixel.

But not all the orbs on pictures can be explained in this way.

Ask yourself the question why is the CCD  stimulated at that time by whatever energy to cause this  “hot pixel.”?

o_orbsinIndia Also on some pictures we took with an ordinary old fashioned film camera in India there are quite a number of orbs around the children sitting outside a school in a rural village.

In the Pyrenees we saw strange light phenomena suggestive of an UFO.
But it was too dark to take pictures.

Orbs in more personal pictures

vogelsklOn Monday, March 7, 2005, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, on the route from Bedum to Loppersum I saw from the train large groups of migratory birds flying to the north. Some flew in their typical V-shaped flight. In one such group, I saw light balls and wherever a light ball appeared the branch of the V-shaped form was broken, the birds regrouped and flew again in form, later on another orb appeared in another place, disorientating the birds, and they were regrouping again. This happened about four times while I was watching.

There were no hunters shooting at that time.

o_lichtbol-kootwijkNear Kootwijk. It snowed and in these conditions light phenomena can be expected when you use a flash. But this picture was taken without flash!! Moreover, the sphere is abnormally large in relation to the snowflakes. Yolanda saw – before the snow started – a bright orange orb at the tower in this area.






Orb at a dolmen in Drenthe:  but this might be due to lensflare
Dolmen in Balloo (Drenthe)
Orb at cirkel in Schotland (Callanisch)
Center of the large circle of standing stones at Callanish
Orbs at an excursion I made with a group of geomantic students (this is just effects of the weather, or is it?)
Orbs tijdens excursie van geomanten