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I went looking for my female ancestors. There are many ancestral trees, but they are all about men e.g. my father’s example was published in a book and reconstructed back  to the 13th century.

But how about my grandmothers, I asked myself , they appeared to be pushed aside as unimportant while to me the grandmothers are the most important. As a woman I want to know who were those women who came before me, thanks to whom I was created.

To start with a simple list of my mother, her mother, her mother and so on until I could come as far as this page (Dutch). Since I started I found many more, through distant cousins via the internet 

And now I am working on a huge project about all the female ancestors. One of them was an English princess from Wessex Aelfthryth (Elftrudis / Elfrida), born 868 died 07-06-929 and she was married to a Dutch duke and then went to live in what is now Belgium. (This lineage comes from my mothers site via a distant cousin of the familie Bronckhorst, won gave me my first gedcom export. (This was in 1995 but I lost the mails with his name and address!)
Update: I found her parents, her mother was Aelhswyth (Ealswitha) of the Gaini, born around 852 in Mercia. Ealswitha died 05-12-905, and was buried in Winchester. I also found Aelhswyth mother, Æthelred Mucil, also born in Mercia.
The Gaini (or Ganni) were an early Anglo-Saxon tribe in England.


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