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I went looking for my female ancestors. There are many ancestral trees, but they are all about men e.g. my father’s example reconstructed back  to the 14th century.

But how about my grandmothers, I asked myself , they appeared to be pushed aside as unimportant while to me the grandmothers are the most important. As a woman I want to know who were those women who came before me, thanks to whom I was created.

To start with a simple list of my mother, her mother, her mother and so on until I could come as far as this page (Dutch). Since I started I found many more, through distant cousins via the internet

And now I am working on a huge project about all the female ancestors. One of them was an English princess from Wessex Aelfthryth (Elftrudis / Elfrida), born 868 died 07-06-929 and she was married to a Dutch duke and then went to live in what is now Belgium.
Update: I found her parents, her mother was Aelhswyth (Ealswitha) of the Gaini, born around 852 in Mercia. Ealswitha died 05-12-905, and was buried in Winchester. I also found Aelhswyth mother, Æthelred Mucil, also born in Mercia.
The Gaini (or Ganni) were an early Anglo-Saxon tribe


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