I have no reason to finish my book by the end of this month other than competing in the NANOWRIMO. I had planned to write about 2000 words a day, but important other matters took prevalence.  Would I write 4000 words a day for the next two weeks? I could, but only to the exclusion of so many other things which either need to be done or I wish to do.

My motto at this moment [at the end of 2009] is living slow for a while. And slowly drawing those poetical sentences on to the screen really is giving me all the joy and satisfaction I want from this experiment.

G.J. has a tough decision to make: stopping with the antiquarian bookshop. Or maybe not yet?


Latest first , this time:


I drew a tarot card today called  “Cernunnos” XV .  I have to admit I so love this druid-card because it reminds me of the VI “the lovers”
The lovers do not only stand for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe but also represents a decision

15 adds up to 6.  15 might be translated as 1+5=6  i.e I learn to make decisions.

There is a poem on Cernunnos I remember

The Old God sleeps
down in the dark, moist,
odorous underfoot,
Waiting for us
To put down our roots.

Dutch from here on.


XV Cernunnos

kaart: de duivel
getal: 15
archetype: de manipulator, de verleider
gaat over: schijnbaar vastzitten, denken geketend te zijn, zelf opgelegde beperking.
trefwoorden: je voelt je gemanipuleerd of je manipuleert zelf, wijst ook op genieten en uit de band springen
Vragen: Word je beduveld of beduvel jij (je)zelf? Kun jij je vandaag losmaken van dát wat je beperkt? Sta jij jezelf toe om vandaag te genieten? Spring eens uit de band!


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